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A SCENT OF SUCCESS FOR WINNING MENThe fragrance 1 Million Monopoly Collector by Paco Rabanne is a 'Eau de Toilette' for men belonging to the spicy wooden family. Monopoly Collector is a Limited Edition of the famous perfume 1 Million, which represents the journey through the different stages of the life of a successful and ambitious man who knows exactly what he needs in life and works to achieve his dream.This edition has been launched in 2017, on the occasion of the arrival of summer. It is a fragrance with a very personal stamp, full of freshness and sensuality, for a modern man, with character and strength, a man who never fails in adversity, who takes care physically and mentally, to achieve success, and with a highly seductive spirit.Its olfactory pyramid begins with an aromatic tandem of fresh notes, and an intense background of woody notes, very masculine. After a few minutes, this fragrance, in tune with the skin, gives out its sensual enveloping aroma that fuses red mandarin, grapefruit and mint, with notes of cinnamon and roses. Leather gives it character and Indian patchouli, the final touch of enveloping and mysterious halo. NEW DIAMOND. Its bottle symbolizes luxury and exclusivity. An ingot-shaped container, with a striking golden colour. On this occasion, it is the front part we can see an elegant application in the form of dice, with diamond inlays, indicating that the 1 Million man, there is no game that will resist him.SUCCESS. A balanced scent in tune with the passion and vision needed for success. For men who know how to make the right choices every moment of their lives.TOP SALES. This fragrance turned out to be a phenomenon of great impact in its launch, it managed to reach the first place in the sales ranking in a few days, and to this day it continues to remain at the top of these rankings.


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