Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament

This Parisian Icon will give your Christmas tree a certain je ne sais crois. Handmade in Thailand wi..

£54.82 £19.95

Bring a touch of sparkle and light to your decoration collection with this fabulously decadent Chand..

£63.80 £14.80

Our sweet little Cupcake ornament is the perfect match for our Tea Party set of decorations.Cupcake ..

£63.85 £19.01

Inspired by the Egyptian God, Anubis, who ushered souls into the afterlife, our Ancient Egyptian dec..

£55.83 £15.18

Shakespeare's Twelfth Nigth witty fool is shown here wearing bright red and yellow and might have ju..

£55.91 £17.59

At the heart of our bestselling London range is Big Ben, glowing in gold and showing time for tea at..

£53.91 £19.72

Feel like you are exploring the Highlands of Scotland in the past with this lovely lady!Highland Lad..

£41.88 £16.63

If you are looking for Irish themed decorations for Christmas then you must not miss our Irish Dance..

£49.91 £13.14

The Irish Leprechaun, with his green stripy socks and gold shamrock will bring you luck, but only if..

£43.88 £13.48

Sheep are a common sight in Ireland and this sheep is as proud as punch to be Irish!Irish Sheep Happ..

£46.89 £17.94

This handmade Christmas decoration is inspired by Jane Seymour, the third wife of King Henry VIII wh..

£49.00 £17.09

'Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, ...' Shakespeare's troubled king perfectly complements your c..

£58.97 £19.24

Behold the French Queen who lost her head after the French Revolution! (1755-1793)Marie-Antoinette H..

£48.87 £17.90

Add a French gentleman to your decoration collection and everyone will say Oh la la!Moustached Paris..

£58.86 £16.58

Mr Darcy, Jane Austen's most romantic hero, is shown here as if he was about to declare his love to ..

£48.82 £16.22

The monster of the deep, living in Scotland's Loch Ness, is lovingly known as Nessie. Hand-embroider..

£64.89 £18.17

The handmade British Bobby in his traditional outfit of blue and silver harks back to a bygone era.P..

£60.95 £19.28

Thomas Jefferson was a Founding Father, third President of the United States and the author of the D..

£52.89 £18.34

Hand-embroidered with gold metal thread and delicate pearls, this red cross is beautifully ornate.Re..

£63.00 £14.15

The Scotsguard proudly wears his kilt and sash of berry red and seasonal green, topped off with Brit..

£41.91 £12.12
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